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The Heart of the Lion Astro-Trading Symposium charted new territory in advanced astro-trading strategies and techniques. It brought together speakers and participants from around the world to share insider tips and innovative ideas that can help you transform your trading results. And if you act fast, you can get a complete set of DVD recordings from this historic event at a money-saving pre-publication discount price!

Here's Just Some Of What You'll Learn With This Exciting Set Of Symposium DVDs:

  • Astrological signals of a major economic upheaval
  • The specific steps for astro-trading stock analysis
  • The power of Uranian techniques in profitable trading
  • How a bartender who's too busy to watch the markets gets 98% winning trades
  • The key historic charts that will help you trade Gold more effectively
  • Understanding the effects of cycles in markets and the economy
  • Using planetary aspects to establish support and resistance zones
  • The four key parts to a trading strategy that wins in bull and bear markets alike
  • How W. D. Gann and other legendary astro-traders paved the way for success today
  • Using the 90-degree dial to get rapid results in trade analysis and timing
  • The culmination of powerful eclipse cycles in the coming years
  • Proven techniques for picking the right time to win the lottery
  • The exciting possibilities in the future of astro-trading
  • How you can create a trading plan that will transform your personal finances
  • The economic importance of sunspots and demographic cycles
  • Astrological insights into the geopolitical stress points that can move the markets
  • Fine-tuning your market timing with precise planetary pictures
  • How you can take part in the transformation of global economic consciousness
  • How you can personally activate all the benefits of the Trading Triad
  • How you can reliably reduce the risk in your active market positions
  • Discovering harmonics and planetary price lines
  • Tools for simplifying your trade analysis
  • Getting big results by doing what works over and over again
  • Picking specific dates for effective action in the markets
  • How you can become more confident in your personal trading
  • And much, much more!

These breakthrough DVDs are scheduled for publication on November 21, 2016. Prior to that release date, you can pre-order your set at a savings of over 40% - plus you'll get FREE shipping and handling!

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